Infos Légales & Conditions de Vente

  1. Cogestra is an IT material seller and service provider. We sell our products directly at the shop and through this website.
  2. All our products are sold with factory provided guarantee and are sold new and in their original packages, unless duly noted.
  3. Defective products are brought back to the shop, mailed, or picked up by our staff, and will be sent to our suppliers or product manufacturer for repair or replacement.
  4. The client will be informed of every step taken to obtain the product, repair defective products, or provide in shop or on site services.
  5. Orders sent through this web site will be responded to initially and then followed up with a delivery note and invoice.
  6. All invoices should be paid within 30 days of reception of product and invoice, unless agreed otherwise beforehand.
  7. Cogestra is not liable to damages that may occur to material during transport. If the ordered material is sent directly by the manufacturer or supplier, Cogestra will not be held responsible for defects or wrong items or damages. We will work with the customer, the manufacturer or supplier, to find the best possible solution to the problem to the best satisfaction of our customers.